Nothing about you is ordinary.

We offer a different type of coaching. One that is intentional, focused, measurable, intuitive and needle moving.

Lightbulb moments don't happen by accident

It always takes a spark.

But finding that spark? Not so easy, is it?

I call that something a lightbulb moment.

It’s the moment when you finally see through your layers and discover how to enter your world in a powerful, transformative way.

But peeling back those layers is never easy. And that’s why I never promise easy.

Instead, I offer a different type of coaching — one that is intentional, focused, measurable, intuitive, and needle-moving.

As a coach, my work is formed out of the age-old conviction that you are divinely unique.

I believe that you’ve been created to live a life full of meaning, and this is why everything we do will always be designed to help you reach your highest potential.


My coaching experience has been awesome! I have learned a lot and gain such great takeaways from each assignment and lesson. Coach April is intuitive, direct, caring, knowledgeable and effective! Having Coach April in my corner has been a gift and blessing!

thumb Stacy Richburg
April 11, 2017

Coach April helped our law firm with leadership and growth meetings. She had each of our attorneys take a habit finder survey/personality test before our initial meeting, and these proved to be very helpful. Coach April is organized, detailed, and very efficient. While some were hesitant at first to bring in a business coach, we ultimately found her input and recommendations very helpful, and we continue using the strategies and tactics she helped us formulate. I definitely recommend using her services, especially in a team setting.

thumb Jordan Maurer
April 11, 2020

Coach April is a wealth of information. Her sessions are packed with valuable insights and she is adept at removing barriers that keep her clients from reaching their full potential. I would recommend April for anyone who is looking to take their business to the next level.

thumb Christopher Pistone
April 11, 2020

We've helped more than 500 leaders pursue their highest potential.

Alex Branning


I have worked with Coach April since 2014; and she has helped me tremendously! Without her, my business would not have doubled in size. She is an exceptional coach, a great leader and brings my business tremendous value with her insight and ideas. I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone who is looking for a sales coach. Thanks Coach April!

Rhonda Stanton


I don’t consider myself to be all that coachable, but there’s something about April that gets through to me when others didn’t. She is direct, logical, no B.S., yet kind. Working with April, my business is increasing, I’m becoming more self-aware, and I’m learning to capitalize on my strengths. I am very happy to be working with April, and I will continue to do so for a long time to come. I’m getting results, so why would I stop?

Roy Merlino


April’s coaching and high-level business consulting has resulted in dramatically increased associate productivity levels throughout our organization. If you’re ready to take your business and your life to the next level, or if you are an organization looking to bring incredible value and productivity to your company and your people’s lives, April Ballestero will exceed your expectations! She did with us.

Stephen Costello


April is a tough, accountable coach with some experienced, real world techniques and advice to help make any agent successful. I watched her turn “seasoned” agents of 20+ years on cruise control into productive, modern day agents with the ability to use the tools available to them effectively and organically.

Traci Harris, Harris Group Property Management & Leasing


Coaching with April took me from an insecure, fearful gal hoping to make a go of a real estate career to a successful business owner of not just one, but two businesses.

Donald Wilson – Business Owner


I knew there was something missing and I got to discover a system as simple as priority and time management created impact.

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