Leadership and professional growth coaching for executives, leaders, and high-achieving professionals

Leadership and professional growth coaching for executives, leaders, and high-achieving professionals

Inspiration and Insight

Discover unique opportunties to break through beliefs that chain you to lies, negative perspectives, misguided narratives, and beliefs that don’t serve you. And you don’t have to live this way.

You hold the key to your own freedom.

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A different type of leadership coaching – one that is intentional, focused, measurable, intuitive and needle-moving.

This is your journey.

Here’s how we help.
One to One Coaching
Start here if you’re ready to expose your real obstacles to issues like revenue growth, team building, and overall business and life satisfaction.
Leadership Programs
Learn how to coach your team and introduce them to the approaches, skills, and strategies they need in order to transform into the successful leaders they (and you) are destined to become.
CEO + Leadership Retreats
This private, small-group retreat invites you into a deep-dive experience where you’ll learn new, effective, and sustainable ways to implement solution-focused strategic planning and team alignment within every facet of your life and business.
Speaking + Workshops
Empower your audience to explore tools, insights, and an intuitive approach as April creates space for meaningful questions and paradigm-shifting answers.
When you work with us, here’s what you can expect.

We’ll lead with questions.

We’ll put aside our own assumptions and our own expectations in order to meet you right where you are.

We’ll guide you towards discovery.

You’ll more accurately understand how the layers of your story show up in your everyday life so you can see with deeper clarity and a renewed passion.

We’ll nuture transformation.

You’ll be seen, heard, and understood, and you’ll know exactly how to take action on your lightbulb moments.

We’ve helped more than 500 leaders pursue their highest potential

My coaching experience has been awesome! I have learned a lot and gain such great takeaways from each assignment and lesson. Coach April is intuitive, direct, caring, knowledgeable and effective! Having coach April in my corner has been a gift and blessing.

– Stacy Richburg

Coach April is a wealth of information. Her sessions are packed with valuable insights and she is adept at removing barriers that keep her clients from reaching their full potential. I would recommend April for anyone who is looking to take their business to the next level.

-Christopher Pistone

Coach April helped our law firm with leadership and growth meetings. She had each of our attorneys take a habit finder survey/personality test before our initial meeting, and these proved to be very helpful. Coach April is organized, detailed, and very efficient. While some were hesitant at first to bring in a business coach, we ultimately found her input and recommendations very helpful, and we continue using the strategies and tactics she helped us formulate. I definitely recommend using her services, especially in a team setting.

-Jordan Mauer

“April’s coaching and high-level business consulting has resulted in dramatically increased associate productivity levels throughout our organization. If you’re ready to take your business and your life to the next level, or if you are an organization looking to bring incredible value and productivity to your company and your people’s lives, April Ballestero will exceed your expectations! She did with us.”

-Roy Merlino

“April is an attentive, committed coach who doesn’t thrust a “formula” at one, but rather listens and observes in a comprehensive way in order to tailor her approach to the individual’s needs among her diverse coaching clientele. I know I am heard, assessed, motivated, and pushed in precise ways that work for me and get me moving to achieve the goals that I have articulated.”

-Marie Unini

“Without her, my business would not have doubled in size. She is an exceptional coach, a great leader and brings my business tremendous value with her insight and ideas.”

-Alex Branning

Meet April
Since 2003, I’ve been coaching executives, leaders, and high-achieving professionals through their own journeys of life and business.
Some want to discover how to grow their network and their income. 
Some want to increase sales and production.
Others want to discover their vision and learn how to align it with everything else they do.
And while all of these “metrics” seem tangible and measurable, here’s what makes my coaching so different from the mainstreem: When we work together, we will never just start (or stop) with what is visible. 
Instead, we’ll start by peeling back the layers.
My clients have used this work to double their revenue.
They’ve used it to grow strong, healthy, connected teams.
They’ve used it to increase productivity, value, and opportunity.
But none of this happened because they followed a formula.
Instead, it happened because they peered into their own inner lives and discovered how to unlock the lightbulb moments they so desparately need.
And when we work together,  this can happen for you, too.
Tools & Resources
Live Q+A

Connect every week with other business owners, leaders, and strategic influencers as we learn how to own our leadership and defeat destructive mindsets.

Leadership Assessment

What’s holding you back from becoming the leader you want to be? Get perspective-shifting insights with this free 10-minute leadership assessment.

The Elephant in the Room Podcast

Listen in as top leaders confront the hardest parts of leadership with refreshing honesty and meaningful insights.

Nothing about you is ordinary
This is why we pursue extraordinary, together