Commitment #7: I Choose to Engage in the Living Unlayered Community!

the final commitment of chapter 1

As we close out the commitments from Chapter 1 of Slaying the Onion: Looking in the Mirror, it’s only appropriate that this would be the last to address: I choose to engage in the Living Unlayered Community to encourage and be encouraged!


Being Your Mirror

We at One Light Ahead get to be your mirror; we get to help you discover your own perspectives and how you can use them to make an impact. Choosing to engage in our community will surround you with a team of supportive individuals willing to encourage you and keep you accountable along your journey. 

The Power of Encouragement

The pursuit of your professional goals is an intense adventure! Proactively finding a supportive community will help ensure your stability when things don’t go as planned. It’s important to surround yourself with a group of people willing to build you up, because sometimes life can really get you down. When you’re putting in the hard work and mastering the balancing act, you often neglect to acknowledge what you’re doing well. Engaging in this community will work as a mirror for you to see and refine the gifts that are propelling you forward– and eliminate your biases that are holding you hostage. 

“A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.” —Proverbs 11:25


5 Benefits of Accountability


Accountability helps you grow in self-control as you know you’ll have to answer for your choices and actions.


Sharing your goals with others will help keep your plans cohesive, focused, and specific.


Talking with your trusted community about your performance will increase your awareness of different perspectives and strategies to reach your goals more efficiently.


Sometimes we hit a barrier and need a fresh idea to keep moving forward. Engaging in community will expose you to diverse approaches that you can test and verify yourself. 


We believe celebration is an integral part of successful goal-setting. A positive community will remind you to acknowledge your milestones and celebrate your achievements! 


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Commitment #5: Discovering Layer After Layer

This process is never done… you’ve never arrived as an onion slayer. As you get better at removing layers in yourself and others, you begin to realize that the process never really ends.

But that’s the point. As in life, you’re never done learning. However, you have the opportunity to build your toolbox and fill it with resources and experience to help you learn faster and more effectively.

“You might think you’ve slain that onion layer and then be surprised when another layer emerges from beneath. Be prepared to give yourself grace and walk away from the experience for a season if need be.”

– April Ballestero, Slaying the Onion

We all have four areas of competence.

Unconscious Incompetence

In unconscious incompetence, the learner isn’t aware that a skill or knowledge gap exists.

Conscious Incompetence

In conscious incompetence, the learner is aware of a skill or knowledge gap and understands the importance of acquiring the new skill. It’s in this stage that learning can begin.

Conscious Competence

In conscious competence, the learner knows how to use the skill or perform the task, but doing so requires practice, conscious thought and hard work.

Unconscious Competence 

In unconscious competence, the individual has enough experience with the skill that he or she can perform it so easily they do it unconsciously.


growth starts in the unknown

When we tie this knowledge with our understanding of our layers, we understand that each  has its own stage of competence. Our first introduction to new ideas happens in the Conscious Incompetence realm, because this is the stage that learning can begin. When we are introduced to a new idea, we are aware of the idea’s existence but have not yet moved into Conscious Competence, where we can start actually building our knowledge and skill. When you discover you’re in the conscious incompetence realm, don’t be discouraged— it’s time to celebrate! This is the stage where learning and growth begin.

When this happens in relation to ourselves and our layers, it can sometimes be a painful process to constantly discover layer after layer, after layer… after layer. It can feel exhausting! Each time we peel another layer, we discover something new about our mental assets and biases. Our past experiences create our current biases, and it’s a laborious task to discover the origin of your beliefs. This is why we say, slaying onions is a lifelong process that’s meant to be done one layer at a time. 


Keep your Slaying Sword Sharp

So as you’re peeling back your layers one at a time, remember that granting yourself grace is a necessary part of the process. Prepare yourself for continued self-discovery as this exercise reveals the biases that live in each of your layers. Commit to addressing one at a time, and keep your slaying sword sharp— another layer is waiting for you. 

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The Living Unlayered Mastermind Experience

This Mastermind is intended to be an intimate, small group experience where we share our tools to help you:
1. Identify your assets to self-lead
2. Discover your biases and how they’re holding you hostage
3. Choose the commitments you need to make to live a life unlayered!


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bonus sessions

03/31/22 Self Leadership Introduction/Creating an A-game approach to the Life Wheel Commitments

4/28/22 Developing and Reframing a WHOLE Perspective

5/19/22 Addressing Cognitive Biases and Jail Cells Holding us Hostage

6/16/22 Choosing BRAVE Perspectives

7/17/22-7/20/22 In-person Gatlinburg Mastermind  (Deep-Dive experience)

8/18/22 Living Out the Self Leadership and Unlayered Commitments

9/15/22 Capstone session – Completion Celebration/What’s next

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