Why People Are Leaving The Church, with Eric D. Nevins

After years of working in the financial industry, Eric Nevins launched his podcast, Halfway There, to tell the whole story about the spiritual journey. He quickly found the community podcasting is known for and started a group to bring Christian podcasters together. Since then, he’s worked with podcasters to launch and improve their podcast, most recently with Christian Podcasters Association Gold membership. Eric holds a Master of Divinity from Denver Seminary and still lives in Denver with his wife, four kids, and a wonder dog.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why people are leaving the church even if they are not liberal 
  • How the American Evangelical church is deconstructing, and why it is not happening in other areas of the world
  • Why are so many American Evangelicals prone to conspiracy theories
  • What stages of the spiritual journey are American churches constructed to take you through
  • What questions are people asking when they’re going through a deconstruction
  • What are the stages of the spiritual journey, and what stage is it no longer safe in the American church
  • How the size of the churches in the United States impacts the amount of spiritual guidance people receive
  • Why we should move back to a more experiential worship service, and what steps could be taken to achieve that
  • Why Christians should be curious and remain open to other traditions


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