Time to Slay Those Onions

People may appreciate having a balanced life that includes serving their family and their community through their gifts and skills. Achieving that balanced life is easier said than done. Business and life coach April Ballestero is often asked for a quick fix recipe for maintaining the momentum required to sustain that balance. “It should come as no surprise that there are no quick fixes,” April declares. “It requires consistency, self-discipline, and a willingness to take a good, hard look in the mirror.”

“Not only will you learn a refreshing, fun and comprehensive process of how to run a business, but you will fall in love with the author because of her authenticity and rawness; she is a true leader in the coaching industry.
~Becky Evans
Executive Leadership Coach

In Slaying the Onion, April dares readers to decide they are worth the investment, time, and challenge of removing layers so they can discover their unique recipe for reaching their ideal destination. And she encourages them to pursue community as a means of removing isolation as they begin the process of aligning themselves with others who also need and want support to discover their highest potential.

“With over 35 years of working with human behavior, I am always looking for fresh material where I can gain insights. I will admit, when I pick up most books, I scan them and find most are a “rehash” of previous thought, not new challenging content. As I read, Slaying The Onion, I found myself reading and discovering fresh thoughts that made me stop, think and ponder. April has done an excellent job of reaching from her journey to share with us steps that will release us from the prison we make ourselves a hostage to. You will find thought provoking ideas, a journey that will feed your spirit and open you to pondering new life altering information. Great job April!”

~Richard Flint, CSP
Author, The Truth About Stress

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