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Personal development isn’t a big enough word for this.

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Start here if you’re ready to expose your real obstacles to issues like revenue growth, team building, and overall business and life satisfaction.

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Join a network of like-minded leaders who understand your day-to-day challenges and value needle-moving insights that result from authentic connections.

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Connect with 10 other high-achieving business leaders when you join the Masters League Competition. Filled with 9 weeks of intentional coaching, habit-shifting exercises, and game-changing insights, the MLC will help you step into your highest potential.

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When you work with us, here’s what you can expect.

We’ll lead with questions.

And we’ll put aside our own assumptions and our own expectations in order to meet you right where you are.

We’ll guide you towards discovery.

You’ll more accurately understand how the layers of your story show up in your everyday life so you can see with deeper clarity and a renewed passion.

We’ll nurture transformation.

So you’ll be seen, heard, and understood, and you’ll know exactly how to take action on your lightbulb moments.

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Around here, we think ALL questions are fabulous.

Here are a few of our favorite questions (answered by a few of our favorite clients).

“Why should I choose to work with you?”

“April’s coaching and high-level business consulting has resulted in dramatically increased associate productivity levels throughout our organization. If you’re ready to take your business and your life to the next level, or if you are an organization looking to bring incredible value and productivity to your company and your people’s lives, April Ballestero will exceed your expectations! She did with us.”

– Roy Merlino

“I know something is missing, but I’m not sure what? Can you still help me?”

“April is an attentive, committed coach who doesn’t thrust a “formula” at one, but rather listens and observes in a comprehensive way in order to tailor her approach to the individual’s needs among her diverse coaching clientele. I know I am heard, assessed, motivated, and pushed in precise ways that work for me and get me moving to achieve the goals that I have articulated.”

– Marie Unini

“Will this help me grow my revenue?”

“Without her, my business would not have doubled in size. She is an exceptional coach, a great leader and brings my business tremendous value with her insight and ideas.”

– Alex Branning

“How do I know this is worth my investment?”

“Thank you so much April and One Light Ahead. This program is truly great! It not only helped my business grow, but it also helped me grow as a salesperson. Among many other things, this program helped me take my ideas, make them tangible and held me accountable for what I set out to do. Within the 5 week program, I saw an almost 3x return on investment with much more to come. Thank you again for all that you do, and I can not wait to repeat this fantastic program.” 

– Adam Mott

“I’m not sure I’ve got the time for coaching like this.”

“Because April’s style of coaching is comprehensive, I experienced growth in all areas of my life: business, family, spiritual, financial, and recreational. She has been instrumental in showing me how to be aware of my words, thoughts, actions and habits and how these affect all areas of my life. Coaching with April took me from an insecure, fearful gal hoping to make a go of a real estate career to a successful business owner of not just one, but two businesses.

– Traci Harris, Harris Group Property Management & Leasing

“Can you just give me classic business coaching?”

“90 percent of the challenges businesses face are human dynamics – how people interact with one another or the challenges associated with that. . . It pours over into performance, into execution, into people’s job satisfaction. . . It starts becoming impacted by people’s inability to get back on a prosperous path because they’re spending enormous amounts of time dealing with personal challenges (that are most often not really personal challenges). . . This is where most people need help, and this is where April is awesome.”

– Kurt Reisig, CEO, APM Mortgage

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