Everyone has the power to be an influencer - many of you already are.


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We partner with individuals, teams, and enterprises which we consider influencers. The systems, structures, and relationships needed for influencers to create a natural workflow usually take years to setup. One Light Ahead can guide you in setting it up in nine-weeks with the Masters League Competition™.

Michael Abelson

One Light Ahead also has the pleasure of offering The Abelson Group Assessments focusing on behaviors (DISC), motives, emotional intelligence, leadership, team development, and stress identification and management.

The Abelson Group™

Traci Harris

Traci started with One Light Ahead as a newly licensed real estate agent, who over the years already had a great influence on her community, family, and team. While working with One Light Ahead she built a real estate business , served in local non-profits, and even started a property management company.

Owner and Broker Associate

We create light bulb moments for leaders, enabling them to shine at their highest potential.