Master League Competition

Masters League Competition

Have you ever wondered why you aren’t experiencing the results you expect to be seeing in your life or your business (even though you’re doing all the things you’re supposed to be doing)? 

Do you feel like something is missing, but no matter how hard you try, you just can’t pin that something down? 

Are you on a desperate hunt for the type of clarity that leads to real, tangible goals, but can’t seem to find that clarity . . . no matter how much help or coaching you invest in? 

Since 2018, the Masters League Competition (MLC) has been helping business leaders move past obstacles just like these. In fact, more than 35 business leaders have used the MLC to. . . 

  • discover how simple systems and structures can transform their business with measurable, impactful results,
  • find greater joy in their day-to-day activities, 
  • double and triple their income,
  • and feel empowered to create the business they want — all while leveraging simple, uncomplicated systems. 

“April has been teaching me that If I set goals and systems into place, then I can relax about the outcome.”

Rebecca L. Mitchell
From Broken Vows to Healed Hearts

Here’s how it works: 

Using the simple and timeless framework of the American baseball game, the MLC invites you into a small, intentional group coaching experience for 9 weeks. Once you’ve joined the MLC, you’ll grow alongside 10 other business leaders who have committed to simplifying their business structures. 

Each week, you and your MLC team will discover strategies, mindsets, and practices that will help you identify the missing pieces in your business. And even better, you’ll learn how to build and implement long-term solutions for your biggest gaps and needs. 


“The MLC has been a great opportunity to find the gaps and needs in my business and better yet, to find the solutions to those gaps and needs.”

Stephen De Sena, Jr.
Network Real Estate, CA 

When you join The Masters League Competition, you’ll receive:


  • Group coaching for 9 weeks
  • Invitations to our private MLC One Light Ahead Facebook community
  • The Habit Finder assessment, resources, and materials
  • An embossed progress-recording journal
  • The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino
  • The Observer’s Chair by Dave Blanchard
  • Mount Equanimity by Dave Blanchard
  • Today I Begin a NEW Life by Dave Blanchard


You’ll also receive access to One Light Ahead’s exclusive library of tools, resources, and exercises, including additional resources that are ONLY found inside the Masters League Competition, such as:

  • The Leadership Life Wheel
  • A Daily Schedule Template
  • The 1-4-5 Reasons Why (Personal Growth Worksheet)
  • The 12-Point Marketing Persona Checklist
  • The Business Planning Diagram
  • The WHOLE and BRAVE Framework
  • And so much more

The Masters League Competition Guarantee

The Masters League Competition is an intentional community with highly engaged and intentional coaching.
When you commit to the MLC community, you will find a safe, encouraging space where you can grow and dig deep into the layers of your personal and professional life. And as you learn simple, strategic, and powerful ways to build relationships and communities, you will unlock the clarity you need to transform your business.

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