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We partner with leaders, organizations, and communities who align with our values and mission to expand our reach.


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Habit Finder™

Become More Successful Using Your Own Personalized Strategies There are no "rights" or "wrongs" habits, but there are habits that support your goals and habits that are sabotaging you. Knowing your habits and how they are working in your life helps you to become more successful. Measure your thoughts - Master your habits - Multiple…

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The Abelson Group

Founded in 1986 by Michael Abelson (Dr. A) who uses his psychology training, a doctorate in business, and expert-level knowledge of assessments to help inspire and accelerate the growth and success of individuals and their organizations. Dr. A’s award-winning teaching skills, honed over several decades, continues to inspire C-Suite executives, sales leaders, and human resources…

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Axiogenics, LLC is the world’s leading pioneer in the field of applied neuro-axiology (brain science + value science) and NCRT (Neuro-axiological Cognitive Remodeling Technology). We develop science-driven proprietary analysis, training, consulting, coaching, and organizational development services that break through the barriers and limits of habitual thinking to enable breakthrough results in people’s lives, families, and…

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GreenCliff LLC

Special Guest Instructor Cliff D’Angelo joins the Masters League Competition Cliff D’Angelo joins Coach April in co-hosting the Masters League Competition! His wealth of experience in coaching three separate multi-million dollars, industry-leading companies – Moore Business Forms, Kohler Plumbing Products, and Ferguson Enterprises – I’ve enjoyed a successful career in sales and sales management for…

E: greencliff@netbusiness.com

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Rapport RECHARGE™ is bringing together leaders that have graduated from Rapport Leadership International Intensive Training so we can RECHARGE our community and provide a thriving resource of human connection. Coach April is a master grad and Eric Ballestero a LB1 graduate. We facilitate the monthly meetings, connections and platform to continue the experience.


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We create light bulb moments for leaders, enabling them to shine at their highest potential.