Leadership + Professional Growth Coaching

Leadership + Professional Growth Coaching

This one-on-one leadership coaching is for the successful business leader who is ready to be more intentional about personal growth.

Whether you’re struggling with business structures and systems, leadership, or self-discovery, Leadership and Professional Growth Coaching doesn’t follow a program or a week-by-week plan. Instead, Coach April invites you into a highly intentional coaching experience that is completely personalized to your goals and needs.

During your 12-week coaching commitment, you’ll receive 12 coaching sessions facilitated by Coach April (each lasting 30 – 60 minutes). You’ll also have access to One Light Ahead’s exclusive library of tools, resources, and exercises as you learn how to create and live a more fulfilling life.

Some questions and topics we might explore include:

  • How do your day-to-day actions align with your values?
  • What are the seen and unseen forces that motivate you to keep showing up?
  • What are the seen and unseen forces that prevent you from showing up?
  • What is going “undone” in your life and business (and why)?
  • What systems and structures do you need to help you move forward?
  • What keeps you up at night (and what can you do about it)?
  • What do you need to shift in order to show up as fully present and fully, authentically YOU?
  • What’s holding you back from achieving what you really want in your life?

And depending on your goals, you may also be introduced to the following:

  • The Habit Finder assessment, resources, and materials
  • The One Light Ahead WHOLE and BRAVE Framework
  • Additional One Light Ahead methodologies, systems, and exercises

Whether you’re a C-suite executive or a small business owner, Leadership and Professional Growth Coaching starts with the simple premise that when you invest in self-discovery, everything else around you expands.

  • Real estate brokers have used this coaching to grow their teams.
  • New business owners have leveraged this coaching to grow their companies.
  • And business executives have maximized this coaching to grow their vision, their revenue, and their impact.

Is Leadership and Professional Growth Coaching right for you? Let’s talk to find out.