Self Leadership 1-2-3

Self Leadership 1-2-3™️

Most people already know the changes they need to make within themselves to achieve their life goals. What they lack most is an effective way to make and sustain those changes.

The Valuegenic Self-Leadership Challenge uses data from a VQ Profile Assessment combined with the cutting-edge principles and practices of NCRT (Neuro-axiological Cognitive Remodeling) to quickly teach people the foundational core competency of Valuegenic Self-Leadership:

The purposeful practice of engaging one’s BEST ways of thinking to
maximize value creation in any and all circumstances that matter.

  1. Clarity of Purpose

    • What do I want and why?

  2. Active Mindfulness

    • When and how do my subconscious Cognitive Liabilities and habits get in the way of my success and happiness?
  3. Wisdom in Action

    • How can I use wisdom of my Cognitive Assets to be the person I aspire to be and achieve the things I want to achieve?


“This program turned my life around and played a major role in helping me build a very effective team.”

– Tom R. (Principle. Engineering Firm)


“I think you’ve discovered “The Holy Grail” of talent and leadership development.”

David W. (Sr. HR Exec. Major IT Company)

This program requires just 6-10 hours of dedicated training, study, and coaching. You’ll experience new knowledge and skills gained through this program that will be applicable to any area of your life by identifying the underlying assets and biases behind your habits of thinking.

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