Living Unlayered Challenge

Don’t miss participating in the Living Unlayered Challenge! With 2022 around the corner, our annual theme at One Light Ahead is appropriately, “Living Unlayered.” To give you practical tools you need to slay those onions, we have initiated a 4-week challenge. This is an introductory offer as we launch our first groups, so there are limited spots available.

The Living Unlayered Challenge is a 4-week commitment (1 1/2 hours per week) designed to help you assess and improve the balance within your life and dive deep into the tools featured in April’s new book, Slaying the Onion

We will run two groups. They will both be the same, so just select whichever time works best with your schedule:

    • Tuesday Evenings: PST 4:00 – 5:30, MTN 5:00-6:30, CST 6:00-7:30, EST 7:00-8:30 PM
    • Wednesday Afternoons: PST 10:00-11:30 AM, MTN 11:00-12:30 PM, CST 12:00-1:30 PM, EST 1:00-2:30 PM
Take advantage of our very exclusive pilot price of just $350 (currently valued at $1500!)


To register, click here. Have any questions? Reach out to for more information.

Slaying the Onion Launch Party

You’re invited to come celebrate the launch of April’s new book, Slaying the Onion: Unveiling Your Layers to Reach Your Highest Potential!

Come visit us at the following locations:

Mustard Seed Christian Gift and Book Store

October 30, 2021           2:00-4:00 PM PST

17973 Bear Valley Road Ste 2 Hesperia, CA 92345

Roseville Chamber of Commerce

November 5 & 8, 2021    12:00-4:00 PM PST

650 Douglas Road Roseville, CA 95678

Can’t make any of these events? No worries, you can get your Kindle or paperback version on Amazon today.

One Light Ahead Presents Our New Look

From Coach April Ballestero

If you have been following One Light Ahead over the years, you know that we just recently rebranded in 2015, but now it is 2020 and we are releasing our new brand, yet again. I want to take a few minutes to explain why and share the story of how.

Beginning this process, all I could think was “here we go, revising our brand, presence, and colors… again.” 

Why now, during this challenging year? Believe it or not, we chose to rebrand before the COVID-19 pandemic, demonstrations, and financial constraints we are all facing now. We have been through a few different web developers and “branding” agencies in our attempt to find the right fit; so trying something new, we expanded our reach outside the country. 
Eric Ballestero, my son, and Operations Coordinator stumbled across a company called Canny Creative. He subscribed to their blog and soon reached out to Canny to explain the situation. He took the lead to guide us in this new venture to learn about the public image One Light Ahead was displaying and the image we wanted to represent. A few incredibly busy months of work later, and we now have a brand and a strategy that represents One Light Ahead more accurately. The branding we created aligns with our purpose and brings us into the modern era.
The brand strategy document Canny provided led us to look inward and discover who we wanted to serve, what we wanted to provide, and the pillars we wanted to build the foundation of One Light Ahead upon. Originally only serving real estate agents, One Light Ahead quickly opened the doors to serve a wide variety of industries. We continue to expand our services for entrepreneurs, executives, and influencers (leaders). We deliver one-to-one coaching, group coaching, team-development, keynote speaking, strategic consulting, and conflict management resources. We have adapted our previously offered programs into newly inspired courses. Currently, we offer a self-paced online course (All About YOU), and a hybrid group course complete with weekly live group sessions called the Masters League Competition™.

We proudly structure our programs from our brand pillars of partnership, commitment, and leadership with the motivation to light the way and provide guidance for every journey.

My primary goal in leading this organization has always been to transform self-awareness and decision making to the benefit of my clients. Leading by example, I now have my master’s degree, many certifications, and years of experience to enhance the experience of One Light Ahead’s community.
One Light Ahead’s team is full of different perspectives. So, to achieve a culture of consistent results, we needed to focus our energy on the brand and image of One Light Ahead.

Each part of our new brand brings together the whole concept.


One Light Ahead New Logo and Brand


The new logo represents an intentionally aligned integration of colors. Green representing our energy and slight tinting of blue to represent trust. The white is to represent our commitment to transparency. 
We brought bright colors and white text on a dark background to represent One Light Ahead as the guiding light in the darkness. As we launch our new website, our brand, and our renewed commitment, we continue to focus on creating light bulb moments and guidance for every journey.

We wanted to share how thankful we are for you and our ability to serve your transformation. We are in an environment where authenticity, energy, and trust are the highest priorities. It is our mission to provide customized partnership plans, positively impact, and improve our community. We light the way for business leaders to reach for the stars and shine at their highest potential. To inspire transformation.