Team Coaching

Team Coaching

The Team Coaching Summit

When you know your team or organization is ready for growth, but you need clarity on all the steps you should be taking, One Light Ahead is a strategic team player who will empower you to see your team or organization from every vantage point. 

Facilitated by Coach April, the Team Coaching Summit will help you transform your organizational culture and achieve measurable results with highly customized tools, resources, and team training. 

The Team Coaching Summit will also help you:  

  • verify that everyone on your team is in the right lane (and empower team members to succeed somewhere else, if needed)
  • equip you and your team with bridge building skills and empathic mindsets 
  • discover how to maximize your existing tools and trainings
  • support you and your team through transitions
  • identify and analyze the thought patterns, actions, and behaviors that may be sparking misalignment with company goals and values

“Coach April has helped me and my staff to organize our priorities, identify whose skills match procedures, and create a synergy that has brought fun, productivity, and profit to a thriving office!”

Larry Thill
Loomis Lifecare

During the Team Coaching Summit, you’ll receive:

  • One pre-strategy, deep-dive call 
  • One, 3-hour team strategy session where Coach April walks you and your team through what’s working, what’s not working, and what’s next
  • A powerful SWOT analysis that is uniquely informed through One Light Ahead’s methodologies and frameworks 
  • DISC Assessment 
  • The Habit Finder Assessment 
  • Emotional Intelligence tools and trainings
  • A post-strategy 12-Week Team Growth Plan

“April’s insights, understanding, and guidance create an environment for growth through new habits and greater awareness.”

Steven Hultquist
Infinite Summit

The Team Coaching Summit is created to spark challenge, insight, and growth. In just 3 hours, you and your team will emerge with fresh perspectives and a clear, unified vision.  And we won’t just stop by exposing the obstacles that are holding you back. You’ll also be equipped with strategies and tools so you (and your team) can move forward in healthy, collaborative, and purposeful ways. 

Then, when you’re ready to dig even deeper into those insights, you’ll be invited to participate in the Team Coaching Intensive.

An invite-only, monthly team coaching experience, the Team Coaching Intensive includes:  

  • 4, 60 minute coaching sessions where we work together to implement everything you and your team have discovered in the Team Coaching Summit
  • Tools, trainings, and resources that have been created explicitly for your team’s goals and needs
  • Access to One Light Ahead’s exclusive library of tools, resources, and exercises
  • An introduction to the One Light ahead WHOLE and BRAVE Framework
  • An exclusive invite to the Masters League Competition Training and Community

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