The Living Unlayered Mastermind Experience

This Mastermind is intended to be an intimate, small group experience where we share our tools to help you:
1. Identify your assets to self-lead
2. Discover your biases and how they’re holding you hostage
3. Choose the commitments you need to make to live a life unlayered!


Check out this video for details:




bonus sessions

03/31/22 Self Leadership Introduction/Creating an A-game approach to the Life Wheel Commitments

4/28/22 Developing and Reframing a WHOLE Perspective

5/19/22 Addressing Cognitive Biases and Jail Cells Holding us Hostage

6/16/22 Choosing BRAVE Perspectives

7/17/22-7/20/22 In-person Gatlinburg Mastermind  (Deep-Dive experience)

8/18/22 Living Out the Self Leadership and Unlayered Commitments

9/15/22 Capstone session – Completion Celebration/What’s next

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