Loving in Leadership, with Jonathan Darling

From leading teams, hosting The Jonathan Darling Podcast, to speaking for organizations and universities, Jonathan strives to empower individuals to lead, not from position or title, but their heart. Jonathan teaches that leadership is truly loving and caring for the people around them, influencing positive change, and being the catalyst for self-belief in their lives. Jonathan has helped leaders and professionals focus on the Micro-Moments that can have a Massive Impact on the lives of others.

Jonathan is a graduate of Ball State University with a degree in Exercise Science and has his MBA from Regent University. He has worked as a sales professional and leader for 14 years as well as a certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach. Jonathan has spoken for universities, high schools, and companies all over the United States. Jonathan has also been interviewed on numerous podcasts as well as international radio as an expert in Love and Leadership.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • What was Jonathan’s experience with mentors early in his career
  • Why Jonathan believes that leadership is love 
  • How love has become something that holds a negative connotation
  • How leaders can create a massive impact with people during micro-moments
  • Why Jonathan doesn’t like the term “random acts of kindness”


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