Justin M. Turner

Justin M. Turner, Goosehead Insurance, Owner/Insurance Agent shares why he chose to enroll in the Masters League program. Listen to hear what value it will provide to a business leader.

Lisa Sumner

Listen to these Masters League Competition graduates speak on how effective the program was for their daily lives.

Kurt Reisig

Kurt has been working with One Light Ahead for under a year, and Coach April can recall conversations, discussions, and deep dives on how Kurt now chooses to surround himself with people who support his areas of weaknesses as he mentions in this interview conducted for “Freedom Friday with Coach April”. For your journey, we encourage you to choose One Light Ahead.

Bill Cordova

Bill Cordova, a coach for a pharmaceutical company in California, shares his experience in One on One Coaching and the Masters League Competition. He talks about discovering the “burr under his saddle” and how One Light Ahead guided his journey into successful growth in his own business.